Germany's favourite since 1932,
now serving the world!

Otto+Willie™ foods are delicious, nutritious,
memorable + of course Made in Germany.
Sausages, Salamis, Wursts + more.
Because the world loves meat.

Made in Germany by master butchers from
regionally sourced + imported ingredients.
Convenience + long shelf life,
perfect for dynamic lifestyles.

Products which cater for almost every market,
+ a wide range of innovative packaging options.

About Otto+Willie™

Otto+Willie™ (Röhrig Wurst-und Fleischspezialitäten) deliver a truly unique range of branded and private-label German-made meat products for wholesale and retail distribution.

With humble beginnings in the 1930's master butchers Otto and Wilhelm Röhrig grew a village butcher shop into a European-wide manufacturer. Today's generation Peter and Kathrin Röhrig are growing Otto+Willie™ to become a truly international ambassador of the German butcher trade.

Now you and your customers can discover why Otto+Willie™ are Germany's favourite since 1932 – now serving the world!

  • Wurst-und Fleischspezialitäten:
  • Sausages/Frankfurters/Hot Dogs
  • Salamis/Meats In Casings
  • Wursts + Specialities
  • Pork/Beef In Its Own Juice
  • Luncheon Meats
  • Meatballs/Goulash/Corned Beef
  • Private/Custome Labels
About Company

Quality Starts at the Source

Germany is a recognised major grower, producer, consumer and exporter of meat products, and Otto+Willie™ are located at the heartland of sustainable farming in Northern Germany.

We take great pride in delivering almost a century of world-class results. To achieve this, we work to the highest standards in the industry, according to German Food Law.

In addition, 100-year-old family and German regional recipes make use of special choices of herbs and spices which ensure Otto+Willie™ create products with unique and rich flavours.

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Latest News

Otto+Willie™ (Röhrig Wurst-und Fleischspezialitäten) is proud to continue family and regional traditions, as well as developing exciting new approaches to the marketplace. Keep informed with all the latest news –

Comeback für Hildesheims fast vergessene 'Röhrig-Wurst'

Hildesheim - Jahrzehnte war sie in Hildesheim vom Markt verschwunden. Doch der Urenkel des Firmengründers bringt die 'Röhrig-Wurst' jetzt wieder in die Geschäfte.

Comeback for Hildesheim's almost forgotten 'Röhrig Sausage'

Hildesheim - it had disappeared from the market in Hildesheim for decades. But the great-grandson of the company founder is now bringing the 'Röhrig Sausage' back into the shops.