Otto+Willie™ — Because the World Loves Meat.

Otto+Willie™ (Röhrig Wurst-und Fleischspezialitäten) food products are manufactured to the highest standards to comply with German Food Law. In addition, our products also comply with * International Food Standards (IFS) • BRC • HACCP and • Halal Certifications.

We integrate the latest food processing technologies to achieve products that do not require refrigeration in the transport and storage process, developing new packaging types such as sterile casings and vacuum foils that are shelf stable up to 12 months in ambient conditions.

Otto+Willie™ also provide more traditional packaging types like cans and glass jars that can provide consumers at least 24 months of shelf life in ambient conditions. In addition, our capabilities extend to product sizing – thus allowing completely customisable products.

Otto+Willie™ — Germany's favourite since 1932, now serving the world!

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Otto+Willie sausages

Otto+Willie™. Germany's favourite since 1932.

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Otto+Willie™ (Röhrig Wurst-und Fleischspezialitäten)